A street photography magazine


THE STREETS is a street photography magazine featuring the perspectives of photographers from around the world and the true stories from the streets. 

THE STREETS was started by Meredith M Howard after realizing that what she liked best about street photography was talking to the strangers that she happened to photograph. She realized that she was meeting people who were very different from her, and when they shared their thoughts on Atlanta, photography, homelessness, politics, life, or whatever, her perspective changed. Her eyes were opened and her empathy for other people deepened. Her world was expanding. 

Street photography gives us the nudge to step out of our bubble (our safe little world where people look, talk, and think like us) and into the world of a stranger.

With our cameras, we see the magic that exists outside of our everyday life.

With our conversations, we see new perspectives and new creative paths.

THE STREETS is published every other month as a digital magazine and then printed in December as a Collection.