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THE STREETS - 2018 Collection

THE STREETS - 2018 Collection

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We didn’t have to print this book.

But we want you to be able to sit down with a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) and hold this book in your hands and enjoy it slowly over and over. We want this book to live on your coffee table where it can spark interesting conversations. We want to encourage these artists (and you) to continue creating generous art with your work and your lives. Together we are redefining the streets.

This book contains 350 pages of photographs and interviews with 29 different artists around the world. We start in Florence, Italy and end up in Johannesburg, South Africa visiting Atlanta, Chicago, Valdivia, Cali, Paris, Amsterdam, Ahmedabad, and Budapest in between. We talk about how they got started, what they notice, and what gives them hope. We talk to artists while they paint murals, and we talk to artists who are not normally considered artists but creatively (and sacrificially) work to improve their communities every day.

Read and enjoy!

(Front cover photograph by Tony Maake; Back cover by Patty Jansen)

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