Running through the wall of fear

"Running through the wall of fear" has been a theme of mine for the past few years. I have done a lot of things that terrified me, because I really wanted what was on the other side of that wall of fear. So, I had the idea of making it a theme for the next issue of THE STREETS magazine. I want to find out what scares other people and how they deal with their fear. 

Then, I had the idea of going downtown and asking strangers about their fear. I planned to go today...but alas, I am not downtown at this moment. I am sitting at my desk typing this. A few minutes ago, I was cleaning my bathrooms. And I realized in the middle of scrubbing the shower - 

Cleaning the bathroom has just become the path of least resistance for me!

I have done enough street photography now that the fear associated with just taking photos is no longer the WALL it once was. (I will tell that story in Issue Five). It is more like a small cloud that is manageable. But trying to interview a stranger with the intent of getting a good answer and good video footage puts up the WALL. I felt the WALL and turned back to follow the path of least resistance. The path that didn't require much thought or effort or guts. That's when I found myself cleaning the bathroom. 

So, I'm doing two things I've learned to do when I feel the WALL - 

1) Make my goal public, so I have accountability. 

2) Break it down into tiny steps and just focus on the first step. 

I have now made my goal public, and as you are reading this, I will be getting into my car to drive downtown. I'm not going to think about all of the other steps after that. But I'm just focusing on one step at a time. Drive downtown. Here we go... 

Meredith M Howard is a photographer who lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  She was inspired to start THE STREETS magazine after many conversations with strangers in downtown Atlanta.