Fashion Week - Who should I follow?

Fashion Week (or rather Fashion Month) is upon us.

Models, photographers, and fashion editors will make the rounds to New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Two alumni contributors of THE STREETS are out everyday capturing the best style in artistic compositions - 

Benoit Auguste (Paris)

Lineisy Montero in Paris (photograph by Benoit Auguste)

Benoit captures beautiful shots of models on and off duty - backstage before Fashion shows and then on the streets afterwards with the city of Paris as the background. You can tell he has a connection with the models, and they give him what makes the best photographs. He also gives us an amazing glimpse of what's new in fashion. Follow him on Instagram @benoit.auguste to find out what the designers are bringing to the runways of Paris and how the models are making it their own.

Xin Wang (New York)

Photograph by Xin Wang

Xin is out in New York everyday capturing awesome moments and expressions. She does this color/black&white combo that I love - 

It used to be a "rule" in photography that you either shoot in color OR black and white. She is breaking that rule brilliantly by showing both side-by-side. She has taken her photography to another level in the last couple of months. I have never seen someone grow as fast as she has. Follow her on Instagram @xin_wang.

You can read interviews with Benoit Auguste and Xin Wang and see more of their work in Issue Three of THE STREETS and THE STREETS - 2016 Collection.

Meredith M Howard is a photographer who lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  She was inspired to start THE STREETS magazine after many conversations with strangers in downtown Atlanta.