Always be sweating

Photo by Jason Travis

"Always be sweating."  This phrase was coined by Jason Travis -

not as a theme song for Atlanta during the summer

- but as a motivational phrase meaning "always give it your all".  

As an artist and photographer, Jason epitomizes this phrase.  He infuses every project with technical precision, creativity, and heart.  At a recent Creative Mornings meeting in Atlanta, Jason talked about his experience painting a mural (which hopefully wasn't too sweaty since he wisely did it in April) - 

And here is a link to Jason's video showing the actual process of painting the mural, which he said is

"a love song to Atlanta" 

Someone at the Creative Morning's meeting asked Jason why he always uses bright colors in his art and photography.  He said that it is probably because he is color blind, and he has to make the color really bright so he can see it.  I am always fascinated when someone's weakness turns into a strength, and in Jason Travis' case, a signature.

Jason contributed the photograph which appears on the back cover of Issue Two.  Get the mag, so you can see it.  It's super cool.  And colorful.

Meredith M Howard is a photographer who lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  She was inspired to start THE STREETS magazine after many conversations with strangers in downtown Atlanta.