A street photography magazine


Issue Eight: February 15, 2019

If you have something to show us about the world through your photographs, please consider sharing your perspective with us. In each issue, we publish a series of 6-10 photographs from several photographers along with a question/answer interview about their life and art. We also publish interviews and stories about people in the public sphere. 

The magazine is published digitally every other month with a Collection printed in December. All contributions are unpaid. In the digital issue, your work will be linked to your website and social media.

  • Submissions should be emailed to info@thestreetsmag.com. (You may also use file transfer services such as Dropbox.)

  • Submit 8-20 photos may be submitted for consideration. High resolution is preferred, because we will need high res for the print Collection, if selected. We will let you know within 7 days whether or not your work will be published.

  • We are inspired by real life in public spaces, so the photographs should be taken in a public space.

  • We believe everything can be art, so send us photographs of anything that inspires you in the public sphere.

  • We love photographs with stories - especially stories of strangers.

  • Photographs should be appropriate for all ages.


By submitting a photograph and/or story, you are representing that you own the copyright to the photograph and/or story. You retain all rights to your submission. If you submit a story of an individual, you are representing that the individual has given you permission to tell their story. You are granting THE STREETS a non-exclusive license to use the photograph and/or story, subject to re-sizing and color corrections, for publication in THE STREETS magazine, THE STREETS Collection, THE STREETS social media, and THE STREETS website for as long as the publication exists.